For more than 60 years, the Young Creative Craftworker’s Award, supported by Ateliers d’Art de France, has highlighted and rewarded tomorrow’s young talents. Selected by a jury of experts on criteria’s of artistic quality and technical mastery associated with an innovative look, this new generation of creators is thus supported and benefits from a stepping-stone towards professionalization. 2022 winner, blacksmith artist Matt Woods will unveil his work at the heart of the CRAFT hall – Métiers d’art sector.


About the Artist

  Born in the north of England, Matt has lived in France since the age of three. A desire to design and create led him first to study architecture, which didn’t entirely fulfill his thirst for a more creative and “hands on” approach. After a time studying cabinet making, a chance opportunity led him into the world of sculptural metalworks. He soon felt at home at the forge, and inspired by his love of nature and wildlife he began to produce unique works of impressive presence and power. He currently lives and works in the Charente Limousine area of France.

About the Work

The original ideas for the sculptures may arise in seconds, however the complete creation may take months. The basic skeleton of the piece is first forged in heavy steel and plate before the addition of lighter details which will then be beaten and welded into place. After much trial and error, the wooden shaped and carved elements are then added to form a cohesive whole which is when the animal finally comes to life.

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